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How to: Project Manage SNACKLINS

A very, very, very special client.

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Oh, our beloved SNACKLINS client. I cannot put into words how cool Jeremy Sherman and Olivia Goldstein are. SNACKLINS has been a client for years now, and Jeremy and Olivia absolutely adore PB. They're currently our only client that we do a social media kit with and are a retainer client, meaning we produce the same number of services for them per month. This is nice for everyone because we have a steady and expected revenue stream from them and they, in return, have consistent, quality content coming to them month to month. We have a variety of ways to communicate with SNACKLINS: A separate Slack workspace with them, a Monday board that they own, email, and monthly meetings.

General process

Since they've been a client for so long and know us well, Jeremy and Olivia expect a lot out of us, as they should. This means we have to stay on top of timelines and content quality, or they will call us out. Aside from handling the below info, Jeremy and Olivia love to have end-of-the-month meetings to discuss how it went and any changes moving forward.

Client's Monday Board

Luckily for us PMs, SNACKLINS is a great client in that they know exactly what they want for their monthly content. Sometimes they'll ask us for creative ideas, but they usually have their months planned out ahead of time and will plug all of the various services into their Monday board (example below). All you need to do on this board is go in and fill out the column labeled 'file due date'. I usually put in a date that's a week or more in advance of the send date to make sure there's adequate time for revisions or any unforeseen circumstances.

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Anything they need us to help on will be listed in the 'PB Support' column. If that column is empty, that's an internal post and we do not need to help out with it.

Next, take all of the items that are marked in 'PB Support' and plug them into our Project Lifecycles board! Before you do so, make sure however many templated emails, custom emails, graphics, etc. align with the number in the contract. This is where you can task our team with each item and make sure our due dates are being hit.

As of right now, we are trying to hire a copywriting apprentice, but Samee handles all of the copywriting. Design is usually handled by Abby Hall, but can be passed to different creatives based on what everyone has going on.

NOTE: Their team, no matter how many times we tell them, still moves post/send dates around all the time without telling us, and sometimes they'll move them to later months. Try your best to stay on top of this and to let them know that you need to be tagged if this happens.

PB's Monday Board

Like I said, I plug all of the tasks that we are in charge of creating into our Project Lifecycles board. We keep SNACKLINS at the top because it's usually the most communicative board.

Make sure all of the timelines are plugged into this board, that the right people are assigned to each task, and that files are being named correctly. For any emails or posts that require copy and design, always have copy signed off on from the client before moving into design.

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Once a quarter, we work with a contractor, Adam, to produce 6 photos for SNACKLINS. Samee will take charge of this, but help her to schedule a meeting with the client to discuss a shot list. Once a shot list is solidified, you can help her schedule a time that works for her and Adam to do the shoot. Since Samee works remotely, you need to make sure this is during a time that she will be in Lincoln (preferably around the time of other shoots).