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How To: Structure Files

A template for the entire folder structure titled _FolderStructureCopyPaste is located on the server in PB_Hot_Storage - PB Clients - _2022 (or current year). You should copy and paste this folder structure whenever a new large video project is started.

Check and see if there is a folder for the client you are currently working on. If not, copy the ClientName folder from _FolderStructureCopyPaste and paste it into the _2022 (or current year) folder. Then rename the ClientName folder, and the ProjectName folder located inside.

If there is a folder for the current client, copy the ProjectName folder from _FolderStructureCopyPaste and paste it into the client folder. Then rename the ProjectName folder.

Alt text

Make sure you don't name your folders with any spaces or special characters beside dash(-) and underscore(_) or else it might load slower.

In the example below, BIA is the client folder and AnimatedExplainers is the project folder. Sometimes a client will have multiple projects in their respective folders.

Inside each project folder there are four folders titled 1_WorkingFiles, 2_Assets, 3_Footage, 4_Results

Alt text

The 1_WorkingFiles folder should include the working project files. Just organize the folders by program, such as AfterEffects, Davinci, Premiere

Alt text

In the 2_Assets folder there are four folders: 1_Visual, 2_Audio, 3_Precomps, 4_PrePro

1_Visual is where you will organize all visual assets that are imported into your project. This can include illustrator files, textures, photoshop files, image files, references, inspiration, etc. Just make sure it is organized. If it is a smaller project I will organize by file type, but if it is a larger project I will often organize by scene and shot number.

2_Audio is where you will organize all audio assets that are imported into your project. This most often includes music, sound effects, and voice over narration.

3_Precomps is for pre-rendered video that is going to be imported and composited in another program. For example, sometimes a video is stitched together, edited, and rendered in Davinci and is then opened in After Effects to add animation on top of the rendered video. The opposite can also happen where animation from After Effects is rendered out and then opened in a video editing software like Davinci. Be sure to include PreComp in the render's name (in the descriptor section) so it doesn't get mixed up with the final composited render.

Naming Pre Composed Footage

  • Client_Project_VideoName _Descriptor_Version

  • Oxbow_Everybite_Anthem _PreComp_V01

4_PrePro is where all the pre-production assets are stored including scripts, storyboards, and brand guides for you to reference. You probably won't need to import any of these assets into a video editing software which is why it is last on the list.

Alt text

The 3_Footage folder is organized by camera. Inside each camera’s folder there is another folder for raw footage and proxied footage.

Alt text

Finally, the 4_Results folder is used for external facing renders sent to clients. The most up to date client render can sit in this folder.

The 1_CaseStudy folder is for everything related to this project we want to put on our website. Often this will be a different render than the one given to clients because we will add back things the client did not want in their version that we preferred.

The 2_RenderHistoy folder is for placing old renders that are now outdated.

Alt text

Naming Video Exports

  • Client_Project_VideoName_Descriptor_Version

  • OXB_Everybite_Anthem_InternalCut_V01

Client = The client name. Often an abbreviation

Project = The project or campaign title

VideoName = If there are multiple videos in a project, this is where you specify which video this is.

Descriptor = Which step in the process this is.

Ex = InternalCut, ClientCut

Version = The version number. Write it out like V01. The version number resets back to V01 every time the descriptor changes.

Naming Individual Assets

It is a little redundant to name every single little asset with a long naming convention so we don't do that. Just make sure you name it something descriptive and organize it in a folder.