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How To: Proxy in DaVinci Resolve 17

First things first, make sure your folder structure is set from the beginning.

  1. RAW footage (separate footage into subfolders if the project is large with multiple cams)

  2. Proxies (if necessary)

  3. Working files (only localized within the DaVinci file)

  4. Timelines (only inside the DaVinci file)

  5. Render Houses (only inside the DaVinci file)

  6. Assets (Illustrator working files, AE files, AE renders, etc.)

  7. VO (if necessary)

  8. Music & SFX

  9. Renders

NOW we can jump into proxying

  • Open DaVinci Resolve 17

  • Open new project

  • Drag and drop files that need to be proxied in the media pool (top left)

Alt text

  • Select all the files then go to File > Media Management

  • Choose Clips tab

  • Choose Transcode tab beneath that

  • Specify the path to your Proxy folder

  • Choose "Transcode all media"

  • To retain original folder structure:

  • Expand "More options"

Alt text

  • Choose Quicktime video format, H.264, NVIDIA encoder (if available), Medium quality, and -VERY IMPORTANT- deselect "Frame reordering" to experience a super-fast encode process.

  • Choose custom resolution of 960x540 (choose a larger resolution if you need to)

Alt text

  • The audio codec should remain Linear PCM

  • Press start on the bottom right of the screen.

Alt text